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For more than 30 years D.O.R.C. has worked intensively with leading global surgeons. Therefore at D.O.R.C. we know exactly which requirements instruments and equipment must satisfy. Our knowledge, combined with a unique mix of talent for the development of new ideas, high design quality and a strong product philosophy, results in highly innovative products. Surgeons from all four corners of the earth are D.O.R.C.'s focal point. We do everything possible to realize innovative and affordable solutions. That is why, in close collaboration with the physicians, we continuously subject our procedures and products to rigorous evaluations.


EVA – Phaco-Vitrectomy System

Phaco-Vitrectomy system that maximizes surgeon control. At the heart of EVA is a revolutionary fluid control system called Vacuflow VTi. The beauty of our Vacuflow VTi technology is that it eliminates the risk of unwanted pulsation or unwanted flow; it just effortlessly delivers the precise flow and fast vacuum required by the surgeon.

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Two Dimensional Cutter (TDC)

TDC with VacuFlow VTi fluidics allows surgeon to control flow of tissue into the port for precise cutting. Port open design reduces intraocular turbulence caused by traditional cutters allowing better surgeon control. TDC cuts in both directions doubling the cutting further reducing traction. Port open 92% of the time – for faster tissue removal.

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Ultra-Peel Forceps

Designed to provide maximized gripping force combined with a blunt, rounded tip designed for working close to the retina. The ultra-peel forceps are also ideal for thicker, fibrotic, adherent membranes that typically require repeated efforts to grasp and hold the membrane. 27G version to deliver over 90% equivalent gripping area and 50% improvement in grasping force compared to the 23G version.

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