Lifetime Mentorship

2019 Recipient

Donald J. D'Amico, MD

2018 Recipient

Jay Duker, MD

2017 Recipient

Dean Eliot, MD

Previous Honorees:

Tim Murray, MD

Evangelos Gragoudas, MD

Harry Flynn, MD

Alan Kreiger, MD

Keynote Presentations

2019 Keynote

Carl D. Regillo, MD

2018 Keynote

Mark Humayun, MD, PhD

2017 Keynote

Maria H. Berrocal, MD

Previous Keynotes were presented by:

Steve Charles, MD

Carmen A. Puliafito, MD, MBA

William S. Tasman, MD

Stanley Chang, MD


Looking Deeper on OCT

Brandon Lujan, MD, Charles C. Wykoff, MD, PhD, FACS

Is Chandelier Buckling Right for You?

Dilraj S. Grewal, MD, Yoshihiro Yonekawa, MD

Employing New Surgical Techniques

Geeta A. Lalwani, MD, Vaidehi Dedania, MD

A New Scleral Depressor

Andrew Schimel, MD, Bozho Todorich, MD, PhD

Will Informatics Make Better Surgeons?

Pravin Dugel, MD, R. Ross Lakhanpal, MD

Diabetic Vitrectomy Techniques

Michael A. Klufas, MD, Thomas A. Albini, MD

Staffing Fellows for the Young Attending

Anthony Joseph, MD, Jayanth Sridhar, MD

A Challenging IOL Dislocation

Murtaza Adam, MD, Royce Chen, MD

Black History Month: Doctor uses doubts of others to become one of best in country

Joseph Coney, MD

Black History Month: Doctor uses doubts of others to become one of best in country

Joseph Coney, MD

VBS Lifetime Mentorship Lecture 2018 Duker

Jay S. Duker, MD, David Eichenbaum, MD

Live Surgery

Steve Charles, MD, Thierry Verstraeten, MD, Justin Townsend, MD, Liew Rao, MD

Humayun Keynote

Mark Salman HumayunMD, PhD

Managing Endophthalmitis Post Intravitreal Injection

David Almeida, MD, MBA, PhD, Thomas A. Albini, MD

27-Gauge Talk

Charles C. Wykoff, MD, PhD, Yoshiro Yonekawa, MD

Giant Retina Rock & Roll

Athanasios Papakostas, MD, R. Ross Lakhanpal, MD

Tips for Successful Retinal Implant Surgery

Aleksandra Rachitskaya, MD, Geeta A. Lalwani, MD

Now Is the Time to Embrace DAVS

Charles C. Wykoff, MD, PhD, Rishi Singh, MD

A First Time for Everything: Gene Therapy Pearls

Audina M. Berrocal MD, Geeta A. Lalwani, MD

Pro Tips for Macular Holes

R. Ross Lakhanpal, MD, Robert A. Sisk, MD

Treat the Patient, Not the Test

Geeta A. Lalwani, MD, Jay S. Duker, MD

OCT of the Peripheral Retina

Geeta A. Lalwani, MD, Netan Choudhry, MD, FRCS(C)

Retinal Implants: An Area of Growth and Excitement

Mark S. Humayun, MD, PhD, R. Ross Lakhanpal, MD

Combined Surgery for Diabetic TRDs

Arshad Khanani, MD

Gore-Tex Sutures for IOLs

M. Ali Khan, MD

Tips for Successful Buckling

Lisa C. Olmos de Koo, MD, MBA

ILM Texas Taco

James Major Jr., MD

Robotic Surgery: What's Next?

JP Hubschman, MD

iOCT for Argus II Surgery

Aleksandra Rachitskaya, MD

PFO Marbles

Chirag Jhaveri, MD

Lens Exchange for IOLs

Derek Kunimoto, MD, JD

Endoscopy: When and Where It Works in Retina

Daniel Chao, MD

3-D Visualization: A Clearer Picture

Marco Mura, MD

Take What the Anatomy Gives You

Jonathan L. Prenner, MD, Richard S. Kaiser, MD

Expert Panel: Surgical Complications

Andrew Schimel, MD, Anton Orlin, MD

Maximizing Macular Surgery

Anton Orlin, MD, Robert A. Sisk, MD

Improving Retinal Detachment Outcomes

Anton Orlin, MD, Paul Hahn, MD, PhD

Challenging Cases of Retinal Detachment

Aleksandra Rachitskaya, MD, David R.P. Almeida, MD, PhD, MBA

Unexplained Vision Loss After Silicone Oil Removal

Aleksandra Rachitskaya, MD, Lihteh Wu, MD

preview - what to watch for in miami

Thomas Albini, MD

27-gauge: gimmick or game changer?

Charles Mango, MD, Ted Leng, MD

chandelier buckles. initial experience

Charles Mango, MD, Tamer Mahmoud, MD, PhD

valved cannulae in rd

Charles Mango, MD, Paul Hahn, MD, PhD

management - how to get 90% anatomic success with patient and referral smiles

Kirk H. Packo, MD, Yannek I. Leiderman, MD, PhD

trauma and intraocular foreign bodies

Aleksandra Rachitskaya, MD, Andrew Moshfeghi, MD

the 2015 revised guidelines for intravitreal injection

Charles C. Wykoff, MD, PhD, Harry Flynn, MD

tactics for efficient repair of diabetic trd-the vitrectomy probe as swiss army knife

Charles Mango, MD, Yannek Leiderman, MD, PhD

scleral fixation with gore-tex and an akreos iol

Andrew Moshfeghi, MD, Rahul Khurana, MD

Synopsis of VBS 2.0

Allen C. Ho MD, Rachel Renshaw

VBS 2.0 Meeting Notes: Presentations Discussed in New Retina MD Fall 2014 Issue (Part 1)