Audience members at a VBS event

The 11th VBS Annual Meeting

Bellagio Las Vegas
April 13-15, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the date for the 11th Annual Vit-Buckle Society (VBS) Annual Meeting. Our 2023 VBS Annual Meeting promises to highlight the best of VBS including our surgical complications session, lightning rounds, and of course the world-renowned VBS Costume Contest! Further information regarding the annual meeting will be coming.!

We invite you to submit an abstract for the 2023 annual meeting. There are many opportunities to submit presentations for both attendings and trainees, including options for fellows, residents, and medical students. There will also be other opportunities for submissions for the 2023 VBS Meeting, including Fellow’s Foray video submissions! Stay tuned for more information! 

VBS Rounds

The VBS Medical and Surgical Rounds series are educational events hosted virtually approximately every 2-3 months spanning the year. The rounds are designed to provide practicing retina specialists, fellows and residents case-based updates about important diseases, surgical techniques and important updates. VBS Rounds Format: This online meeting is intended to be an active and informal discussion of retina medical and surgical concepts. For each session, presenters will share 5-6 cases or surgical videos from a larger pool of submitted videos, followed by a panel discussion.


  • May 24, 2022 – Surgical Rounds
    July 19, 2022 – Medical Rounds
  • September 30, 2022 – Surgical Rounds
  • November 15, 2022 – Surgical Rounds
  • January 17, 2023 – Surgical Rounds

How to Join

To participate, please register to be a VBS member. VBS members are automatically invited via email to register. If you have not received an email invitation or would a reminder email, please contact support. Retina specialists, fellows and residents are welcome to apply for membership. 

Past Events & Meetings

10th VBS Annual Meeting
March 24-26 2022

The 10th VBS Annual Meeting concluded in March 2022 in Las Vegas. We are thankful for the support of our guest speakers, VBS members, FOCUS program participants, fellows/residents, and industry representatives that have come together to make a successful and educational event. The goal of the Vit-Buckle Society annual meeting is to create an intimate, interactive, discussion-oriented atmosphere…


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VBS School of Finance
January 25, 2022

We have spent years becoming successful vitreoretinal surgeons, yet most of us have little financial education. Join us to get your money questions answered and get the tools to set yourself up for success. This session will feature financial expert, Diane Hischhorn.


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VBS Wellness Webinar – Reproductive Choices for Young Professionals
February 21, 2021

Physician wellness has been shown to be an important factor in a one’s ability to provide patient care. The reproductive health issues that many young physicians face are rarely spoken about or discussed. Yet, those directly affect one’s wellbeing and ability to practice.


VBS 2021 meeting dates and times

VBS 2021: The Force Awakens
Virtual Episode 2: May 20, 2021

Virtual Episode II includes dynamic video-based surgical presentations with audience participation and interactive debates covering controversies in surgical retina. 


VBS 2021 meeting dates and times

VBS 2021: The Force Awakens
Virtual Episode 1: April 14, 2021

Virtual Episode I features talks on surgical innovations to treat medical retina diseases (Dr. Lejla Vajzovik); trauma (Dr. Yewlin Chee); uveitis surgical pearls (Dr. Lisa Faia); classic debate on IOL techniques (Drs. Maria Berrocal, Joseph Coney, Ninel Gregori, Katherine Talcott); surgical lightning rounds (Drs. Mathew Cunningham, Kristin Harris-Nwanyanwu, Marianeli Rodriguez); and a panel on diversity, equity and inclusion (Drs. Basil Williams, Jessica Randolph, Reginald Sanders).