Please join us Tuesday, January 25th at 8:30 PM EST for the VBS School of Finance! We have spent years becoming successful vitreoretinal surgeons, yet most of us have little financial education. Join us to get your money questions answered and get the tools to set yourself up for success. This session will feature financial expert, Diane Hischhorn. Diane has over twenty years of wealth management experience as a high net worth financial advisor. She is currently the President of Woodland Corp where she is a consultant for financial firms including First Republic Bank. During her career as a wealth advisor Diane received several industry awards including Barron’s Top 100 Female Investment Advisors, Barron’s Top Advisors in CA, Barron’s Top Advisors in CO and The Los Angeles Business Journal’s Top 20 Advisors in Los Angeles.

The format will be Q&A. Please bring your money questions to be answered and get ready to get the tools needed for success!

Hosted by: Niki Kothari, MD; Andrew Schimel, MD; Geeta Lalwani, MD


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